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ONLINE Han Mu do


@ Harvest

Harvest is a leader in developing online programing and functional martial arts teaching for all ages. We have redesigned our award winning curriculum to be able to service not only students locally but virtually anywhere in the world. We have classes for all age groups with the ability to set one on one training and small group ( Such as family trainings.)

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In these Virtual Classes we are going to teach our students how to:

  • Focus and listen better!

  • Get a great workout and learn awesome moves!

  • Set goals and achieve them!

  • Keep structure and socialize during these uncertain times!


Studying Han Mu Do helps kids and adults in ways that other activities don’t. Parents talk about the dramatic changes they see in their children when they begin studying with us. Suddenly, their kids are disciplined, polite, focused, and saying "Yes Sir!" and "Yes Mam!" As a parent, you know that sometimes it can be a challenge just to get your child to sit still long enough to have a meal or do their homework. Adults talk about how much better they feel with a good workout, have positive friends to support positive change, and get inspired to learn new things.

Virtual Students have access to multiple online platforms:

  • ZOOM classes with their peers multiple times per week

  • Video library of current and past material

  • Private communications with a Certified Instructor

  • Booking one on one and group lessons

  • Training equipment with local pickup or shipped

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Check out our weekly schedule here!

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