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Bettering the mind, body & spirit through radical movement and traditional practices.

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Class Descriptions:

Sprouts Han Mu Do

Ages 3-6 | 35 minutes

Monday / Wednesday 5:00 | Tuesday / Thursday 4:15pm | Saturday 9am

The Sprouts program is designed to help develop the mind and body of preschoolers. The curriculum is based around martial arts movements. The Mighty Sprouts martial arts classes are taught in a fun and exciting format that helps kids develop basic motor movements, strength and flexibility, self control, focus, discipline and essential character qualities.

Junior Han Mu Do Class - FoundationsAdvanced 

Ages 5-13 | 45 minutes

Foundations: Monday / Wednesday 5:30pm | Tuesday / Thursday 5pm | Saturday 9am

Advanced: Monday / Wednesday 6:15pm | Tuesday / Thursday 5:45pm | Saturday 9am 

The Han Mu Do junior classes will follow the curriculum designed by Dr. Kimm. The Junior martial arts classes are designed to teach students self defense, fitness, confidence, mindfulness and sound moral character. Students will receive a great workout in every class by practicing traditional techniques, forms, weapons, sparring and board breaking. 

Adult Han Mu Do Class

Ages 14+ | 60 minutes 

Monday / Wednesday 6:15pm | Tuesday / Thursday 12:30 & 7pm | Saturday 10am 

  The Han Mu Do Adult Classes will follow the complete curriculum. The adult classes will be very active and will help students develop high levels of fitness, build self defense confidence, mindfulness and sound moral character. Students will learn self defense martial arts techniques such as joint locks, throws, pressure points, weapons, and striking. These skills will be built with partner training, sparring, and forms work. These martial arts classes also include Ki Breathing and mindfulness practice in order to ensure balance by training mind and body.

MOM Mu Do Class

Women-only | 60 minutes 

Tuesday / Thursday 11am


Adult Han Mu Do just got spicier! Join a powerful group of strong women training in the art of  self defense.

Korean Traditional Archery Class

Ages 3+ | 45 minutes 

Wednesday 5pm & Saturday 12pm I Outdoor

Korean traditional archery will challenge you and bring students to new levels of focus. 

AIM - Kickboxing + HIIT Classes

Ages 16 and up | 45 minutes

Tuesday / Thursday 9am + 5:45pm | Saturday 8am

Art in Movement fitness classes are based around kickboxing and bodyweight movements. These intense classes challenge your body to build strength, speed, and cardio. Intervals of hard work and recovery help the body to push through and accomplish goals. Students train for weight loss, fitness, and fun!

Power Yoga 
Age 13+ | 60 minutes
POWER: Monday / Wednesday 6am + 9am | Friday 9am

Power Yoga, is a vinyasa, more up-beat flow. A non-heated, Baptiste-inspired yoga class.

Restore Yoga is more of a gentle and restorative yoga flow, also non-heated. Props are welcome and encouraged.

Yoga, in general, is a practice. In both of these classes it's encouraged to focus on what's present, coordinate your movement with the rhythmic patterns of your breath and discover what's possible in that moment. These classes are for beginner and experienced yogis, made to be both challenging AND relaxing. A great workout as well as great work in!

Han Tai Chi

Age 13+ | 45 minutes

Monday / Wednesday 8am

Han Tai Chi is a mind/ body practice. Slow and deliberate movements are done in a soft flowing pattern with a focus on mindfulness and breath work. It is celebrated for its health benefits including muscle strengthening, flexibility, balance, mental focus, and endurance.


Personal Training 

all ages | 30 mins - 2 hours

We offer personal training and private single or group instruction for adults and children in our martial arts, yoga and archery programs. This includes corporate or group events, scout groups, birthday parties, couples classes or private small group instruction. Training is available in-studio or on-location. Please contact us for a consultation or more information at


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