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archery at Harvest

Traditional Korean Archery, Koong Sul, is a practice and you will soon discover skills its benefits in day to day activities. Our Foundations of Archery classes cover basic archery skills, simple breathing exercises and target shooting. Students that keep progressing through the program practice skills such as moving with the bow, shooting multiple targets, and shooting moving targets. 


Harvest offers outdoor and indoor classes for beginners and advanced students. 

Archery Benefits

  • Improved focus

  • Increased Coordination 

  • Better posture

  • Mindfulness

  • Strength

  • Stress Relief

Archery is amazing for hand-eye coordination, and because of the breath control that's needed for this skill, you're really going to notice it's stress relieving aspect. It helps with focus, patience and, as you excel, your self-confidence. Much like martial arts, archery is going to build muscle and be a full body workout.

Korean Traditional Archery Walking_edite

Archers working on walking and shooting with traditional horse bows.

Check out our packages that we've created to make this program affordable and easy for all ages enjoy! If you are ready to challenge yourself in new ways and learn a new skill, sign up for a Saturday class and or treat yourself to a private lesson!

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