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  • What's a 6 pack class pass?
    A 6 pack class pass is basically our puch card system, where you can pop into classes when convenient for you over a 3 month period. 6x Archery Class Pass : $120. 6X Yoga + Fitness Class Pass : $100.
  • What if I don't have what I need?
    Deep breaths. We have everything you need for any and all classes to rent for that day or purchase for yourself!
  • Can I start even if I have an injury or concerns about my current fitness level?
    Yes, but please consult with your physician first to make sure it's safe for you to begin incorporating new physical activities into your week.
  • How is Traditional Korean Archery different from other archery I've done?
    Please view the Harvest Archery page for more info about traditional archery.
  • Where do I put my things when I get there?
    When you arrive, *No shoes on the mats please!* head back behind the mats to the cubby area, where you can put your shoes and personal belongings. We also have a couple changing rooms and a restroom if needed.
  • What should I bring to class?
    It's recommended that all students bring water to stay hydrated. - Martial Arts: If you're brand new to Han Mu Do, no need to bring anything. - Yoga: your yoga mat or any props you may like to use. - Fitness Classses or personal training: gloves to punch bags if you have them. - Archery: your bow if you have one If you need any equipment at all, no worries, we have all the things you need available in our shop to purchase.
  • How many classes should/may I attend per week?
    With your membership you can attend as many classes as you'd like! We recommend coming to classes at least twice a week for muscle memory, to build strength and to establish a consistent disiplined routine.
  • Where can I view the class schedule?
    You can view our current online schedule here. The easiest way to view our schedule is to download the app to your phone! 1. Go to your phone's App store and search for: Harvest Martial Arts (old business name) 2. Download App. 3. Sign up or sign in to our Wellness Living system to view current schedule. Download the Apple app here Download the Google app here
  • How much is a membership?
    Our memberships are unlimited monthly classes, so you may come as much as you'd like! We have month to month and annual membership options. Single Memberships, ages 7-adult, $125 annual membership, $150 month to month membership. Mighty Sprouts, ages 3-6, $100 monthly, Or a "dual" (siblings) membership for $160. * Currently all Archery classes are class pass and drop ins only.
  • How often are Belt Rank testings? Do l/my kids have to participate?
    Every 3 months we test. Each testing there will be a charge of $40.
  • At what ages does your martial arts program start?
    Our Sprouts program is designed for kids as young as 3 years old!
  • What's included with my membership?
    Your membership included unlimited martial arts, yoga and fitness based classes. Our archery program is not included in a basic membership.
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