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"Intentionality fuels the master's journey. Every master is a master of vision."

-George Leonard

It is important to live everyday intentionally. Moving through life with patience and focus, vastly improves daily living. We should all have the goal of living a healthy meaningful life. When we drift or rush ourselves, we start to feel the ill effects of our choices.

The latest time I was in Baton Rouge training with Dr. Kimm, the tie at the cuff of my pants had come untied. Feeling that I was being a distraction from the class I quickly tied a knot and stood back up. This was the perfect time for Dr. Kimm to teach a lesson on intent. He had us sit down and he untied the knot at the cuff of his pants. He slowly and deliberately wrapped the ties around his ankle, folding the fabric as to make clean lines. When he tied his square knot the ends of the ties were the same length creating a tidy uniformed look.

On a daily basis I have the opportunity to shortcut and save some time or put half the effort I should in to anything I do. Wether it be eating at a restaurant instead of cooking at home or skipping out on shaving for the day it seems to catch up with me when I least expect it. Dr.Kimm's lesson was in taking the time to do it right and with intent. When I take the time and effort to correctly do something it shows. "Putting your best foot forward." If I had just hastily tied the knot more than likely I would be tying it again before the end of class or looking like Patch Adams. As I built the school I tried to be thrifty and save money where I could but, I always tried to use patience and not rush to put something together that I would not be proud of.

I am proud of Harvest Martial Arts and the classes and material that I teach. I love the support that I have been receiving and I am eternally thankful. I encourage everyone to stop planning to stop by and come in for a class.

Always Learning,

Justin Martin

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