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Why Martial Arts is the best all-around sport for kids

Looking for the perfect sport for your kid? Look no further than Martial Arts.

It checks all the boxes that doctors and experts recommend.

Martial Arts classes consist of physical activity, including building strength, stamina, balance and flexibility, while working on gross and fine motor skills, as well as coordination. It teaches kids respect and confidence, improves focus and muscle memory along with as instilling self-discipline. Kids also practice social-emotional skills interacting with others, while making new friends. CLICK here for a full description of our Kids HAN MU DO Classes and all it's benefits.

It’s a year-round sport.

Martial Arts is a year-round sport, so children who attend class regularly will be getting consistent physical activity and practicing all the skills listed above on a regular basis. It creates consistency and discipline, and students’ progress to achieve goals much quicker than seasonal sports. No need to worry about bad weather, cancellations, sicknesses or vacations. We will be here rain or shine and if you need to take a vacation or are sick, we will be here when you get back and get you caught up. CLICK here to see our full schedule.

It’s an individual sport.

While Martial Arts is a hands-on or partner sport, students are not tested or judged on the skill of others. One student doesn’t need to perform poorly for another to succeed. Students work at their own pace, which may be a different speed for everyone. Each student’s success and belt rank achievements are solely based on their own practice, skills and knowledge. Additionally Martial Artists can practice many of their skills on their own at home.

It’s a gender-neutral sport.

Martial Arts knows no gender. The uniforms, curriculum, expectations and skills are the same regardless of gender. Students are paired with a variety of other students, often paired by belt rank or size, however students practice working with other students of all ranks, ages, abilities, sizes and genders.

It teaches kids to set and achieve high goals.

In Martial Arts there are short term goals of belt ranks, and black belt as a long-term goal. In Han Mu Do we have quarterly testing cycles and earn belt stripes between cycles when students have shown competence in their techniques and form. In addition, Han Mu Do offers bi-yearly tournaments where students can earn medals in forms, techniques, weapons forms or sparring. Each of these achievements are celebrated for students.

Martial Arts practice will complement any other sport or physical activity.

Many Martial Arts students participate in other sports during different seasons. The physical activity and skills practiced in Martial Arts will enhance their skills in other sports. Consider it additional conditioning. And not just the physical activity, but all skills learned in Martial Arts will carry over into all aspects of students’ lives.

Parents can practice with their children.

Just as Martial Arts knows no gender it also knows no age. We constantly have students of all ages joining our classes, you are never too old, too unfit, or too anything, we will meet you where you are at and get you working hard toward your own goals. In Han Mu Do, our juniors curriculum is very similar to our adult curriculum so you can learn right alongside, practice skills with and even attend classes in some cases with your child.

Want to try us out? Check out our current special and try a class today. We offer parents' night out, summer camps and other events. Check out our EVENTS page here for current happenings at Harvest.


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