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“The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is.”

– Yoda

The mind of the warrior has to be stronger than the techniques and skills that they possess. This allows the warrior to have self control, being in control of mind and body. Emotions, opinions, and selfishness can quickly get in the way of clear rational thoughts.

Training in martial arts is physically demanding and you learn ways to defend yourself and others. The repetition of martial arts training leads to growth not only in speed, agility, and power but, the focus of the mind. Being able to be present or focus on training increases the mental strength of the warrior. We train to block out all outside thoughts while we are on the mat. "Relaxed mind, powerful punch," is a mantra that we practice in class. Leaving all outside influences and stresses at the door.

Being in control of a powerful mind is the warriors greatest tool. Teaching children to control a wiggle or an adult to control anxiety can be one in the same. The use of martial arts training is a teaching tool that has been used for centuries. The practice of Ki Breathing techniques is being introduced to therapy patients as mind body exercise becomes more popular in the United States. These breathing techniques have been practiced for centuries in the east by monks and martial artists.

Steve Maxwell, a Brazilian Ju - Jitsu instructor and personal trainer, has a great anagram using "fear." Future Events that Aren't Real. We can load our brains with what ifs and cloud it with the 7 deadly sins and cripple ourselves. When we learn to try to control our thoughts, stay optimistic, and maintain a balance of physical and mental strength we have learned to be a martial artist.

Always Learning,

Justin Martin


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