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"Without a struggle, there can be no progress. "

Frederick Douglass

hard : adjective

1. solid, firm, and resistant to pressure; not easily broken, bent, or pierced.

"a hard mattress"

synonyms:firm, solid, rigid, stiff, resistant, unbreakable, inflexible, impenetrable, unyieldig, solidified, hardened, compact, compacted, dense, close-packed, compressed

2.requiring a great deal of endurance or effort

"Stooping over all day was hard work."

synonyms:arduous, strenuous, tiring, fatiguing, exhausting, wearying, back-breaking, grueling, heavy, laborious

I feel that the word "Hard" has become to easy to use. We find daily uses for the word. We use it to describe our work day, we use it to describe raising children, cooking family meals, and we use it to describe anything else that we feel is unpleasant. We are made to be active beings, created to be creators. We are supposed to build, raise food, hunt, and populate the earth.

As Americans we have it pretty easy. For the most part we don't have to worry about moving around throughout our day, where are food is going to come from, or where we are going to sleep. We don't have predators hunting us, our police and military do a great job keeping us safe from each other, and we have all of the creature comforts we want. We have been called soft.

As we lower the bar of what is "Hard," we allow ourselves to slide further away from self sufficiency and health, mentally and physically. We don't have to jump on to the battlefield or go wrestle a bear. Baby steps such as packing yourself a healthy lunch or starting a workout routine can be the launching point. As you build up your mental and physical endurance of what you can do. You move that bar back up. We as humans can do way more than we think that we can and I support and encourage challenges! This is what makes us "Hardened."

I challenge you to take the word Hard back! We should be resistant, unbreakable, and unyielding! Not being broken by daily tasks.

Alway Learning,

Justin Martin

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